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New Vehicles and Tankers arrive during 2017

Capital investment of over £1,000,000 is to be made during 2017 as we replace 8 current vehicles and 3 road tankers.

All the new vehicles are manufactured by Scania with the first vehicles arriving in July and the last in December. The last three vehicles are the new generation Scania which offer stunning looks and enhanced driver comfort. All will be Euro 6 specification 450 bhp sleeper cabs certified to ADR and fitted with a vehicle compressor and hydraulics (to drive a trailer pump) to give flexible discharge options.

On-board telematics will give the driver feedback on his driving style and mirror this information to the office so we can optimise the efficiency of the vehicle. Full GPS track and trace will be standard, together with environmental and safety reports.

Three new Magyar 37,500 litre tankers arrive over the next year. One lands in Q4, one in Q1 2018 and the last tank will make its debut at the 2018 CV Show at the Birmingham NEC arena. The tanks will be to our usual high specification including stainless chassis with air suspension, fully ground operated with 4 handrails for any tanker top access, certified to ADR for hazardous goods transport and LED wiring throughout. The new tanks will also feature BPW’s new Eco Air Compact suspension which features a revolutionary design where special attention has been paid during the development of this completely new running gear system to ensure that both trailer assembly and the operation of the running gear is economical: there are fewer air suspension components to provide a robust, low maintenance system.

The suspension is of a modular bolted design, enabling the replacement of individual running gear components, if required, whilst the two-piece, cast trailing arm uses a diagonally bolted connection to the axle beam to provide load transfer and stability.

ECO Air COMPACT also features a new steel-rubber pivot bush of asymmetric design, without voids, to ensure optimum axial and vertical alignment. Not only does this contribute to increased driving comfort and reduced tyre wear, but also the specially designed pivot bush helps even force absorption and stress distribution, thus contributing to smooth operation and long service life.


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