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New Scania vehicles and Van Hool Tankers

July 2023 sees the 1st of two in a batch of four new Scania Super series vehicles to hit the road, with the other two following in September. MKK can be seen pulling GPT 14; the 1st of two new 37,500 litre ADR Van-Hool G.P. tankers - fully ground operated, but still fitted with a full-width walkway and four handrails for any tanker top access.

The News-snippet photograph was taken on a typical UK summers day showing two other local icons ... The world-famous Transporter Bridge and The Temenos Sculpture; a 21st-century landmark which was designed to remember the town’s engineering and industrial heritage.

The giant dual-ringed public art installation was erected in 2010 and is made from steel wire woven between the two steel rings to create the 50 meter high and 110 meter long sculpture and is situated near the home of Middlesbrough football club and the Transporter Bridge.

The name “Temenos” comes from the Greek term referencing, “a piece of land cut off and assigned as an official domain, especially to kings and chiefs, or a piece of land dedicated to a god.” Hmm ... it may have been dedicated to God, but we think God would certainly have chosen a warmer residence than the North East!

The 10 Scania Super series vehicles we have are our most fuel efficient vehicles to date and have the ability to run on HVO for further reducing our carbon footprint.